TAAF Presents: Summer Games of Texas

The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) Summer Games of Texas is just around the corner. This Olympic-style athletic competition, hosted in Corpus Christie July 26 through 29 is the perfect event and local for a weekend family getaway.

The Summer Games of Texas is an annual sports festival of the TAAF. The games first took place in 1986 and are the largest Olympic-style event held in the state. More than 7,000 athletes will travel to Corpus Christi for the games. Events at the Summer Games include baseball, boxing, fencing, golf, judo, kickball, skate board, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, and triathlon.

The athletic diversity TAAF presents exhibits its mission to create and maintain a permanent organization that exemplifies amateur athletics and promote the development of physical education. They provide children and adults the opportunity to compete in any sport in which they love and excel.

Texas Sports hall of fame is a proud partner of TAAF, hosting an exhibit in its museum lobby that tells the story of TAAF. The exhibit includes photos of the male and female athletes of the year and the 2012 inductees in the TAAF Hall of Fame.

The class of 2012 TAAF inductees are Reginald Bibb Sr. (basketball), Vincent Morton (flag football), Steve Melbourn (swimming), Dan Reynolds (softball), Michael Scott Simpson (basketball), and Koger Stokes (administration). 

TAAF also present an annual Susan Gerrad Young Professional of the Year award to an individual actively involved in TAAF, responsible for exemplary advancement of the TAAF programs in his/her city. The 2011 award recipient is Tracey Klusacek of Temple. Furthermore, an Olympic-style sports competition wouldn’t be complete without an Athlete of the Year award, received by Steve Wood and Vivie Tran in 2011.

Visit TAAF’s website to find out how to reserve a spot in the exciting Summer Games. 
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