Texas Rangers Media Tour Visits the Hall of Fame

The Texas Rangers Media Tour stopped by the Texas Sports Hall of Fame last week to hang out with the media and talk baseball.

Fox Sports Southwest hosted the luncheon, giving fans and media the opportunity to hear manager Ron Washington’s point of view on last season’s World Series and his plans for the upcoming season. Washington had an awestruck crowd clinging to his every word and laughing at his good sense of humor. Everyone was fervently anticipating opening day at the ballpark by the end of his discussion.

Accompanied by sports broadcaster Eric Nadal, third base coach Dave Anderson and rookie pitcher Mark Hamburger, Washington made a point to let the audience know the mission of the Texas Rangers- don’t play scared baseball.
He told the captivated audience about left fielder Craig Gentry’s hesitation to steal a base during one game last season. “Gentry knew he was in trouble when I walked up,” Washington said. “I told him ‘I trust you. I don’t care how fast that pitcher can throw or how good the [second baseman] catcher can catch. If you want to play with us, you don’t play scared baseball. Run.’” Washington laughed when he told the audience how crazy the crowd went when Gentry was safe on second base. “They think ‘Oh my gosh that Gentry boy is smart, he can play!’” he mocked. “But they don’t realize that I’m the smart one, not him!”

Washington went on to say his success with the Texas Rangers is only because his “coaches coach and players play.” Dave Anderson proved this point when talking about how often the team practices fundamentals. “We coach all the time. You’d be surprised how little these guys listen to us,” he joked. “We constantly practice fundamentals because it’s the simple plays that win games.”

The luncheon wrapped up with excited fans taking pictures with the trophies and waiting in line to get an autograph from the crew. Visit our facebook page at to look at some of the best shots.

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